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Customer Testimonials

Stephanie you were very attentive to my needs, you went out of your way to help. That is why I bought from you. I get a lot of questions about it. You are good person.

Stephanie seems very knowledgeable with both product and funding agencies. She comes across as very caring and genuinely interested in finding solutions to improve her client’s quality of life. She’s willing to hunt down product and information to help ensure each client has the best outcome for success. She is a great resource to have in the community.

Tatum was so helpful and kind today in helping me get some last minute ostomy supplies together….

Assist Health Supplies is an innovative & forward thinking leader in the healthcare industry. Their staff are experienced, compassionate, hardworking & a total pleasure to deal with. I would not hesitate to send my family members & friends to Assist for their healthcare needs.

I’ve worked with Stephanie for almost two years now in order to find me the proper wheelchair and other medical equipment, to accommodate my many injuries. Stephanie is truly a nice person who cares about my safety and overall health and wellbeing. She cares about my injuries, and the negative impact they have on my daily living. Stephanie tried so hard to ensure that I ended up with the best chair for me. She will keep trying until the client is happy, and safe. She’s very patient and a lot of fun to have come visit. Stephanie is very well informed on a large variety of products and will get the info you need if she doesn’t have it readily available.

I’m very fortunate to have her to take such good care of me. I believe you will be happy with her as well.

With an ever growing senior population with increased needs, it is so great to see healthcare companies, such as Assist Health Supplies that have a true focus on the customer. Assist Health Supplies and their dedicated and experienced team does whatever it can to help their customers with finding the right solution; whether it is finding the right walker, wheelchair, supplies or modifying your home. Assist uses an innovative and fresh approach to ensure all your needs are meet and you are provided the information you need to make the right decision for you. For these reasons Vytality at Home has partnered with Assist as their Homecare Supply business for their clients, as their philosophy and customer values are aligned with ours. Check them out and you will surely be impressed.