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Accessibility & Lifts

Reclaim access to your house, garage, or car with the use a porch lift, a stair lift, or ramps.  Feel confident in your home again.

Porch Lifts

Stair Lift

Accessibility & Lifts

Threshold Ramps

Bathroom Safety

There are a variety of options for bath seats/chairs – with back, without back, with arms and without arms. We carry a wide range of all options to best suit the needs of all clients including bariatric items.

We also carry a wide range of tub transfer benches that have various options to suit your needs such as height adjustable, sliding benches and padded benches.

Bedroom Safety

Hospital and Home Care beds are a great option when looking to ensure both comfort and safety for yourself or a loved one. We offer many different brands and sizes of beds to meet the needs of all clients.

Floor-to-ceiling poles can be installed in your bedroom to ensure a safe and effective way of getting in and out of bed, providing a 360 degree support. These poles do not need to be installed into a wall or the ceiling but instead use pressure fitting to secure it in place. We also offer an extension piece that distributes the pressure of the pole across two trusses in the ceiling, ensuring complete stability.

Braces & Supports

If you have a strained muscle, or a joint injury you can help protect those areas with a knee brace, ankle brace or a shoulder brace.  Some of our supports are designed to restrict motion or over extension, or other supports such as leg sleeves and calf sleeves work to compress the muscle and lower inflammation. Wrist and elbow sprains are very common and we carry a variety of wrist and elbow braces.


Don’t let incontinence issues slow you down. Our experts will help you find what you need to suit your lifestyle and outfit you with the confidence to go about your day.

We know what you’re going through and are here to help. Proper selection of product will minimize your inconvenience and maintain your confidence. We serve thousands of people with similar needs as you, but understand everyone is unique. That’s why we carry the widest selection around.

Ostomy & Catheters

Our experts are here to help you navigate the variety of ostomy & catheter products.  Their training can make your selection of product and the re-order process simple.  We work with many insurance agencies and understand their requirements.

Compression Stockings

Compression socks work by improving the blood flow in your legs. The compression of the socks encourages the blood to flow back up your leg, which helps to prevent swelling and even blood clots. There are many people who can benefit from wearing compression socks such as patients undergoing surgery, pregnant women or those with swelling, aching or other foot or leg issues.

There are three main levels of compression: 15-20 mmHg, 20-30 mmHg and 30-40 mmHg. Compression is measured in mmHg, a unit of measurement called millimeters of mercury, which indicates the level of compression. A prescription is needed for anything above 15-20 mmHg.

We carry 3 brands of compression socks; MediCanada, Sigvaris and Jobst and have certified fitters to ensure the proper selection and fitting of the item.

Mobility Aids

Stay mobile with the proper mobility aid.  These items require the help of our trained staff to select the correct item(s).  We are here to help.

Daily Living Aids

This section contains all the gadgets you didn’t know existed. We have aids for eating, dressing, and for cars access.  Take a look at all the items that can make a person’s life easier.

Fitness & Wellness

Recovering from an injury or simply maintaining strength we have exercise balls, rollers, and resistance bands.  To recover from an injury we have TENS machines and hot and cold therapies.