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These underpads promote healthy skin by using a soft, cloth-like topsheet that covers the entire surface of the underpad, and an air-permeable backsheet that allows air to flow through – helping to prevent rashes and infections by reducing heat retention.  The addition of super absorbent polymer to the FCPP and CFCP underpads provides further benefits of increased performance in fluid absorption and odor control.  Our Breathable Underpads are available in a variety of sizes and absorbencies.


  • Air Dri Breathables Plus (FCPP) and Cairpad (CFCP) contain super absorbent polymer to channel and lock fluids in the core and help prevent odor
  • Soft, cloth-like topsheet covers entire surface      to promote healthy skin
  • Cloth-like, air-flow backsheet reduces heat retention
  • Designed specifically for air-flow therapy beds
  • Designed for improved air flow when pad is wet or dry
  • Non-slip backsheet
  • Latex free


Air Dri® Breathables®              23” x 36”, 30″ x 26″

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