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Stander Car Caddie

Get out of your vehicle easily

Getting yourself in and out of a vehicle can be a real challenge. The CarCaddie from Stander simplifies that process and makes going places easy again. By simply buckling around the frame of the car door, the CarCaddie gives you the added support needed to get in or out of the vehicle. The CarCaddie is perfect for anyone who uses a walker, cane, bed rail, or any type of daily living aid and assistance to transfer out of the vehicle.

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  • Easy: Installs and removes in seconds.
  • Universal: Fits any framed car window.
  • Durable: Sturdy nylon construction.
  • Versatile: Adjustable length.
  • Secure: No-slip rubber contour grip.

5 Inches Ergonomic Handle

The 5 inch long ergonomic rubber handle is easy and comfortable to grip while standing from your vehicle.

Up To 250 Pounds - Strong and Durable

The CarCaddie will fit any car, truck, or van and buckles around the door frame in just minutes.

7" - 16" Length - Adjustable

The CarCaddie?s nylon strap is adjustable in length from 7?-16? to make your transfers as comfortable as possible.