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The Toby Tour – Assist Health Supplies

On Entry to Assist Health Supplies

Welcome to Assist Health Supplies, my name is Toby and I will be your guide.

As you will notice when you enter our building, the front door will open to greet you, as will our friendly staff.

From there you will see multiple televisions. These have been strategically placed throughout and each have their own independent media control box so we can stream the latest and greatest of home healthcare. We can also upload any educational or informational piece we choose.

Featured Manufacturer

Immediately to your right upon arrival you will notice a featured manufacturers product.

Within this area we can showcase their unique and niche like products. It allows us to begin educating you from the get-go.

One of our primary goals is about knowledge and education so you will hear that a lot at Assist.

Daily Living Aids

On both sides of our customer service area are walls filled with daily aids to living.

These little knickknacks are typically inexpensive but hugely helpful to you in your day to day.

Take some time to check them out after the tour.

Bedroom Section

As we move throughout the showroom, we move into the bedroom section.

You will only find bedroom type products in the bedroom area and you will notice we have strategic partners meaning you won’t find 15 different brands on our floor. You will find 2 or 3 for the most part.

We of course get asked this question. “What if we want a product that is different from the one’s you have in your showroom?” Great question. The answer is simple! Yes. We can get any product that our competitors can. We have accounts with all of them, we just want our showroom to look special and not cluttered which is why we did what we did.

Compression Stockings

As we move through the showroom, we now enter the compression stocking area.

We offer a wide variety of non-prescription compression stockings, popular for people who are on their feet for extended periods of time at work.

Our fitting rooms contain a large selection of prescription grade compression stockings. All our staff are trained as certified fitters from both Sigvaris and Jobst. We also have a soundproofed fitting area.

Seating Room

The next room is a mandatory requirement for us to be able to sell AADL (Alberta Aids to Daily Living). This is our Seating Room.

In it, there is an X-Y patient lift system as well an electric hospital bed so we can safely and easily transfer patients for their clinics.

It is important to note that both specialty rooms I have described are totally soundproof so our guests can feel secure that the information we share remain private.

Wound Care

We care a variety of wound care products.

Basic and advanced dressings, gels, and first aid supplies.

Custom orders for advanced dressing available.

Ostomy Supplies

Complete line of ostomy supplies with trained staff to assist you in your product selection.

Private fitting rooms adjacent this section.

Bathroom Section

Around behind our feature wall you will see more discreet goods for the bathroom.

On the back of our wall you will see a variety of grab bars, raised toilet seats and bath benches for your shopping experience.

Barrier Free Washroom

Adjacent to the wall are 3 rooms.

The first door is a barrier free washroom and on the other corner is a wheelchair accessible washroom. You will notice the entire bathroom is automated.

So lights, exhaust fan, soap, tap and paper towel dispenser are motion activated.

The barrier free washroom has push buttons to activate both the door and the locking mechanism.

Therapeutic Spa

In between the 2 washrooms is our Therapeutic Spa room.

This is a fully plumbed in and functional walk in bathtub. And yes, our patrons can book the tub to try.

For our non-ambulating customers there is a single X axis ceiling track patient lift. So, if you can’t weight bear, we can safely transfer you into the tub to try also.

Training Centre

As we continue our tour, the next amazing room is our Training Center.

This room has been solely designed to deliver first in class education to you both as our guest or from a remote location.

As many of our in-services are conducted over the lunch hour, you will notice there is a little door in the left wall of our training center.

That is our pass through so that we can order in lunches and plate them in our lunch room and then, you guessed it, pass it through right into the training room without interruption! Cool huh?

Superfly – Accessible Clothing

We have partnered with Jackie Cameron and her company Superfly.

Jackie Cameron is an amazing lady who, along with her late husband adapted a high end of active wear clothing with zippers so that even the most difficult of cases can have an individual dressed them in minutes.

Braces & Supports

Around on the front of our feature wall, we have our orthopedic area.

Whether it be a knee, arm, wrist, neck or back we have the right brace for you.

We also carry many braces for our kiddo’s.


Across from our feature wall is our pyramid of power.

Call it the good, better, best display where we feature a variety of power wheelchairs and scooters for any environment.

If you look where you are standing, you will notice the flooring is a different colour from the rest of it. This is our test track.

We can replicate your environment and terrain to ensure that when you are spending a few thousand dollars on a critical piece to your independence that it is an informed choice.

Medela Breastfeeding Section

As we enter the home stretch of our tour we move into our discreet goods area.

Here we showcase our Medela line including all the needed accessories you will need as a new mom.

With multiple styles and sized of pumps we have the product that will meet all new mom’s needs.

Incontinence Section

On the opposite side we feature our incontinence and soft goods.

Of course, there are literally thousands of brands and types but we again have featured a couple of our strategic partners brands on display.

All other brands are available in our warehouse.

Active Living

Our next vignette is active living.

We have featured an amazing piece of adapted equipment so that a high-level injured individual can safely use it. It’s called the Evolve Easy Glide. You really must see it to believe it.

We also offer electrical stimulation and therabands for your everyday simple workouts.

Assist also offer a wall of Walking Sticks. Great for in town or the toughest of scrambles in our Rocky Mountains.

Waiting Area

At the front of our showroom is our first class in comfort customer waiting area.

There are a variety of lift chairs for you to lounge in in front of our media wall. That’s right, media wall. 4 giant tv’s for you to get your Superbowl on!!

We have a concierge area where you can make yourself a coffee and have a snack on us.

Oh right, thanks for pointing that out. That is a totally functional fireplace which provides both ambiance and heat just to add to the experience.

Walkers & Rollators

Just in front of our Customer Service area is a wide variety of walkers and rollators.

These are often funded by the government program I talked about and are such a useful piece of equipment to help you maximize your day to day living.

Stairlift & Porch Lift

As we move on, we wrap up the Toby Tour but not without my favourite area.

We have a completely functional porch lift as well straight run and curved stairlifts so you can try before you buy!

All units will transport you up to our live stage. Toby, did you say live stage? Why yes, I did. We can house local musicians who, on both customer appreciation and seniors’ days, can entertain you while you join in our festivities.

Well, I for one am exhausted. I want to thank you for joining me on our tour and look forward to serving all of your home healthcare needs in the future.

At Assist Health Supplies, you are not simply a customer or a potential sale. You are a person searching for a solution. Our primary focus goes beyond helping you find a solution; we will help you find the right solution.