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Why Accessibility Rentals Might be What You’re Looking for

Accessibility is one of the first steps to independence and wellbeing. By taking accessibility into your own hands, you can ensure that every opportunity you want to explore, can be. This is why at Assist Health Supplies we offer a variety of accessibility rentals. We want everyone to find the right fit and make the right choice. Rentals give the opportunity to trial different brands and features, so you’re guaranteed to choose the right product for you.

We want to highlight two key accessibility lifts that are available for rent; the stairlift and the porch lift, which are highly recommended and can positively impact overall wellness and accessibility.

Stair Lift

A stair lift allows every floor in a home to be accessible. It is one of the most economic ways to extend the livability in your own home, and fosters independence for years to come. The stair lift requires a rail to be installed along your stairs. These rails can be straight or curved. By utilizing rails, a chair can effectively take you from floor to floor. While it does require a power outlet, it has a power reserve in case your electricity goes out. Don’t let life’s unexpected happenings prevent you from enjoying your home to the greatest potential.

The stairlift has been designed to be versatile. WIth an installation time of 4-12 hours, you can get one when you need it. Additionally, they can be installed on any surface, so don’t fear making changes to your home to allow for the stair lift.

The stair lift provides the independence you want, in the home you desire.

Porch Lift 

Porch lifts are great for the outdoors. Their materials are durable and long lasting, and they allow you to utilize the outdoors as easily as the indoors. While they are commonly known as porch lifts, they may also be called vertical platform lifts or VPL’s. These lifts have the ability to lift up to 14ft and ensure that your home remains accessible, regardless of your mobility.

One of the primary reasons a porch lift is installed is because of space limitations. Oftentimes ramps aren’t possible due to their size, so a lift can be installed instead. Installation of a porch lift may be more challenging than the stair lift. Generally speaking, a porch lift will require 2 days of contractual work (cement and infrastructure). Following this, the lift can be installed in ~3 hours. If you want to learn more about what you need to install a porch lift, reach out!

The porch lift provides the opportunity to embrace your indoor and outdoor spaces.


Lift rentals have both base costs, and additional costs; it’s important that you are aware of these costs so you can budget for your rental accordingly.

Due to their installation requirements, stair lifts require a minimum 8 week rental period. If you choose to rent a stair lift, the rate is $300 for every 4 weeks. There are also additional costs such as delivery, installation, and removal fees.

The porch lift does not have a minimum rental period. While they also have delivery, installation, and removal fees, you do have the option to rent the porch lift 1 week at a time. The weekly rate is $250 while the 4 week rental rate is $450.

We have other lift options available that we encourage you to check out. These include the floor lift and the free standing track.


Rentals provide a great opportunity to see what works best for your lifestyle. By taking the time to test different options, you can know that if you decide to make a purchase, it’s the right one.

We offer rentals that are designed for you and are ready to help you find independence through mobility. We encourage you to contact us if you would like to learn more about how Assist Health Supplies can help you.