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Harmony Beds

The Harmony hospital bed provides the flexibility needed to have a well rested night. Sometimes the standard bed is not what’s needed, and that’s okay! A Harmony bed allows for small adjustments that can improve overall comfort.

The Harmony hospital bed is fully adjustable to ensure there is no discomfort or unnecessary pressures. This range of fully electric adjustments means that you can customize the settings to your needs with just the click of a button. With a fully electric system, you don’t need to break your back trying to adjust the bed. 

Sharing a bed with a partner may mean that their most comfortable sleeping position differs from yours. The Harmony split king bed allows for both sides of the bed to be adjusted separately, to keep both occupants happy and comfortable. 

So, is the Harmony hospital bed for you? Learn more below.


Everyone requires different sleep positioning to feel comfortable. We firmly believe that every bed should be unique to suit the needs of the individual using the bed. A great day starts with a good rest.

Every home care bed can be customized to suit the needs of the individual. By adjusting the bed to the needs of the user, pressure on joints can be reduced, and overall quality of sleep can be improved. This is why adjustments can be made to the mattress, the rails, the positioning, and more. By ensuring that the bed suits the needs of those using it, a safer and more comfortable rest can be achieved. 

Adjustments are key for comfort, and the harmony bed offers infinite adjustments.

Fully Electric

Trying to adjust the settings on a chair or lounge can be difficult, and manual adjustments can cause strain on the body. Harmony beds are fully electric to remove the potential for strain, making necessary changes to your beds positioning safe and easy.

The fully electric system allows for small adjustments to maximize comfort. Meaning you can customize the height and angles of the bed, making entering and exiting the bed easier.

Your bed should be an oasis and a place that you look forward to at the end of every day. If you want to learn more about the options available, reach out!

Split Settings

When there are health concerns, companionship becomes increasingly important. A hospital bed does not have to lead to isolation, in fact, with a Harmony bed there are many options which allow both partners to find their own comfort while still being able to share a bed.

The Harmony bed is a king sized fully adjustable hospital bed that can be shared. Both halves of the bed can have their own settings to allow both parties to be able to adjust their side of the bed to their own comfort needs. 

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Assist wants to provide you with the assistance you need. Reach out to us if you are looking for options to make your life easier.

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