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Alternating Pressure Mattresses

It’s time to talk about alternating pressure mattresses. They aim to bring comfort to the forefront. They are a cost effective alternative to the adjustable beds, and help with offloading pressure on different parts of your body during rest and sleep. Due to its ability to alternate pressures, it ensures that there is no unnecessary pressure on your body, thus preventing sores.

The alternating pressure mattress is a great alternative, but we want you to make a well informed decision, so read to learn more.


There are two primary options in terms of material. The first is a gel infused open call memory foam. This material promotes air flow, heat regulation, and comfort. It contours to the body and ensures that there are no unnecessary pressure points. Gel-infused foam is more of an Overlay which has no pump system but does individually absorb pressure points. You pretty much go to this option if you want to prevent any sores!

With that said, those that are looking for a mattress that actively alternates pressure, will be looking for a Nylon + PVC mattress, sometimes known as Odourless Medical-Grade PVC which has individual alternating air cells.


Every pump is a little different, but the main features remain the same. They are quiet, which will ensure that your sleep is not disturbed. These pumps allow you to adjust the firmness of your bed, and will often allow you to customise the sitting settings. The pump is designed to ensure that you can always take advantage of the alternating pressure.

There are several settings, including a static mode and a dynamic mode. When in the static mode, the cells of the mattress will not change pressures, and the overall air flow will be disabled. Their dynamic setting will allow you to control your alternating air flow, and will ensure that the low and high pressure indicators turn on when needed.

Overall, the pump is the control of your comfort. You can make the adjustments needed, and get a restful sleep. 

Questions We Get Asked

We love when people ask us questions, this makes sure that everything is being considered, and that everyone is able to make a well informed decision.

A question that is important to address is if the bed can actually prevent sores? In the long run, they certainly can. The role of the mattress is to eliminate pressure points and to ensure that they meet the needs of the body. This leads to a better rest and greater healing potential. 

The last important thing we want everyone to understand about the bed is how they work. They have a pump attached at the foot of the bed that inflates different parts of the bed to ensure that the weight and pressure is off of vulnerable areas.

Sleep is one of the most important factors to a healthy lifestyle. By getting enough good sleep, you can regulate your hormones, your moods, and your overall physical wellbeing. We want to ensure that you can rest easy every night, and that begins by understanding needs.

Come talk to one of our professionals to see what options are available to you. We believe in comfort regardless of your financial situation, so let us help find the best option for you.

Assist wants to assist you in ensuring comfort, mobility, and independence. Reach out to learn more.

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